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Poppy’s Handcrafted Gifts

I love creating Handcrafted Decorated Wooden Boxes, that are not only functional storage solutions, but are also pretty and look good in any room setting. They also make much appreciated gifts.

Decorating wooden boxes was my first craft love, and still is. Years later I still get pleasure and never tire of the hours spent making these, using appliqué, decoupage and laser engraved designs.

For decoupage I use either paper napkins or rice paper, which is then sealed with a non-toxic sealer. It is then given at least 3 coats of varnish, to give a hard wearing finish.

Keeping with the wood theme, our Wooden Engraved Bottle Openers, Bird Feeders and Bird Picnic Tables are made with the outdoors in mind. With natural, painted and engraved designs, these are definitely gifts with a difference, and never fail to bring a smile.