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Nettie Osman

I'm based in rural Suffolk and I love to capture the beautiful scenes around my home village. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by an Area of Natural Beauty, we are witness to some amazing scenery and sunsets. We are also inundated with furry and feathered folk who are an endless source of inspiration.

I like to reuse/recycle items where I can, you may find that your mosaic mirror frame is made of broken china, or foraged seaglass, or old jewellery, and that your picture frame may be a charity shop find that has been renovated and restored!

I'm very fond of doing animal portraits too, if you would like to commission a painting of your special friend please email or message Nettie Osman Art and Crafts on Facebook.

Pet Portrait Commissions
There are a range of options available, portraits can be painted in pastels, acrylics or coloured pencil. Prices vary according to size - please contact me for more information at, or Nettie Osman Art and Crafts on Facebook.