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AliCat Silver Studio

AliCat Silver Studio creates meaningful, storytelling jewellery and keepsakes with a distinctive quirky ‘AliCat’ style using precious metals.

Inspiration comes from celebrating life and appreciating the beautiful uniqueness of contemporary handcrafted work. With this in mind, AliCat’s approach has always been mindful of the environment and being eco aware. Recycled and natural materials are used wherever possible in both the pieces created, and the branded packaging.

Believing always if you buy better, you buy less and wear more.

Each piece can be individually designed, hand worked, handpicked and handcrafted using precious metals. Incorporating silver, gold and rose gold with both traditional and sculptural techniques. AliCat Silver Studio makes pieces to heirloom quality to be built upon and forever telling unique stories.

If required, bespoke pieces can be personalised by casting individual pawprints, handprints and fingerprints. Stamping or engraving letters, words, names, numbers or dates can also be added. All this can be done remotely.

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