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M Ceramics

When I semi retired some years ago I joined an adult education pottery class at Suffolk College. I had two very good years there and drew inspiration from fellow potters who had been attending the class for several years. Unfortunately when the college was granted University status the class was axed. I continued working at home and having my work fired at a couple of studios. Although the studios were fairly local I lost a fair bit of work transporting it not to mention the cost of driving to the studios and back.

Just when I was about to invest in a kiln my life stopped being semi retired and became involved in a full time plus job. However two years down the road, work settled down to a more steady pace, therefore allowing me time to return to my hobby, the longest lasting hobby so far. I invested in a kiln and have been experimenting for about 6 months. I am lucky enough to be able to exhibit my work at the Craft Centre. My love of 'making' rather than 'glazing' is reflected in the simplicity of the finished glazed pot.

Most of my work is porcelain and I set myself challenges on how thin I can roll out the clay. I have recently discovered paper porcelain and it’s been great fun experimenting with that.