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Unique Laser Art

This all started with my love of animals...

Unique Laser Art has been created due to a sad event that has now changed my life.

My dog Jake passed away the winter of 2018 and I knew that I wanted to mark his passing in some special way. When I picked up his ashes they came in a beautiful wooden box with his name on. My step dad had been playing with a laser machine for a year doing videos for youtube and during that time he had started to perfect the art of laser engraving using millions of extremely small dots. When I mentioned to him that it would be really special to put a picture on the box he then managed to engrave a piece of baltic wood with my favorite picture of him that we stuck to the box. I then asked to have a go ...... the picture to the right was my first attempt on white card, I was now hooked on this technique and Unique Laser Art was born.