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Sapphire 'n' Jewels

I was born to create and from the moment I could hold a pen I have been designing. I have tried a multitude of different crafts from Tile printing to Stained Glass. As an adult I first settled on painting landscapes in Watercolour and Acrylic where I developed my skills on drawing and colours. This progressed into Jewellery design over 20 years ago. My passion now is Sterling Silver and 14 Ct Gold-Filled Wire Wrapping. I love the flow and versatility of the wire to encase the Semi-Precious stones. I have also developed my skills in using Precious Metal Clays (PMC) and am certified to teach this media up to level 1.

Registered with the London Assey, I have my own Jewellers mark and if you would like your Jewellery Hallmarked then please contact me.