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Pierson Interiors | The Fairygodmother of Furniture

I love what can happen when beautiful furniture can be recreated, updated and bring years of happiness. I am the "Fairy Godmother of Furniture!"

My name is Caz Pierson and my passion is for interior design. My friends state that I love to "sprinkle my magic on my work." I love to help my customers design their interiors, find that perfect colour match and offer a first class commissions painting service for that lovely piece of furniture you simply cannot part with. If I can save your treasured possession I will and with the painting of a new colour, comes a whole new lease of life.

I truly love what I do and am often found knee deep in paint, brushes and bubble wrap and I can be found buried in my workshop long after normal business hours.

My experience and qualifications span a couple of decades (I do hate to show my age) but rest assured, I know what I am doing, I can teach you to do it and you are welcome to pop into my shop or my workshop any time you like. My customers are used to popping in and love the old-fashioned, tactile transparency of my work. I want you to see, feel and smell the work I do.