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The olentià team has a passion for uplifting moods through aromatherapy - and candles are the perfect way to do so. We truly believe that our personal sense of smell has a transformative power with an ability to create inspiration, imagination and relaxation.

Our vision is to unlock and rediscover a memorable, enriching experience through combinations of scent and fragrance. It is through the duration of our life that we associate an aroma with a particular point in time, and we hope to create opportunities to reminisce – to explore alternative periods of time and cultures.

Equally, it is a valuable occasion to learn of our individual identity. Our own palette is distinctive, and so it follows that the aromas appealing to one, may in fact entirely differ to another. This concept is what drives the olentià team to share our understanding of fragrances, and guide you on your own search of revival. The products that we have developed - we truly believe in.