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Rowland Harden Photography

Following in the footsteps of his father, Rowland is a very keen landscape photographer. Born and currently living in Essex, many of his images are captured locally throughout Essex and Suffolk. He also enjoys shooting mountainous landscapes, therefore Scotland and the Lake District are regular photographic haunts for him.

He loves the outdoors and will locate and plan some of his potential photographs whilst enjoying a hike. Rowland is a strong believer that good light is the key to a good image and will therefore revisit a planned location several times until he is happy with the conditions for shooting.

All of Rowland’s images are printed using high quality professional print labs (not a home printer). His frames are made of wood and are all handmade by a local craftsman who specialises in photographic framing.

Some of his current equipment includes a full frame Nikon DSLR, the Lee filter system along with the Lee polariser. His favourite lens at the moment is the Sigma Art 35mm prime. Rowland processes all of his images using Adobe Lightroom, where small tonal and lighting adjustments are made to the original raw files.

His website is regularly updated and he can be followed on Flickr & 500px, where he provides updates every week.

Rowland hopes you enjoy some of his images, as much as he enjoyed taking them.