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Alan Bridges

My artistic leanings stem from my father – a Norfolk farmer – who had a wonderful talent for drawing and as a very young man I was first inspired by the paintings of Sir Peter Scott, the naturalist and his wonderful observations of wildfowl. Indeed, this influence sparked my lifelong interest in wildfowl and I have fond memories of cycling from my father’s farm to the East Lighthouse at Sutton Bridge to observe wild ducks and geese in their natural environment. The East Lighthouse was home to Peter Scott for a number of years and it is where his idea to create the Wildfowl Trust was conceived.

Retirement from the advertising business led me to spend much more time developing my art and as a consequence exhibitions, commissions and commercial work have followed.

A recent 9 month spell living in Ireland was an interesting experience culminating in an exhibition at The Sheen Falls Hotel in Kenmare, Southern Ireland.

My favourite places to paint tend to be coastal although new subject matter is always just around the corner. I work mainly from my studio in the garden of my home just outside Framlingham, using various mediums which include water colour, oils pen and wash and pastels.
I regard myself as being so lucky to be spending almost every day doing something I love.