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Teresa Bavington-Barber

I have always had a love of art from a very early age and studied art at Norwich. I now live in Ipswich with my husband and my dog Harvey! I have a studio in my home so am able to work as often as I am able. In 1996 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was hard to face and meant I was unable to work fulltime as I often suffer from chronic fatigue. As time progressed and my children grew up I felt it was time to pursue my art full time.

My work involves a large amount of varied colours and textures. As my journey in colour and texture developed I began to experiment with mixing Medias, for example, applying hessian to the canvas before painting to create the feel of grasses and reeds. I have also used sand in my beach paintings, driftwood and beads. I am continually experimenting with different Medias. More recently I have moved into stitching over painted backgrounds to create a different feel to the picture .I will then finish this by touching up with oil, enamel or glass paint. I am inspired by nature and produce mostly pictures of flowers, trees, beaches and landscapes. My work can often have an abstract perspective, where I explore the relationship between colour and texture.